As my Saturday co-host Shane Montalban likes to point out, we live in one of the three best country clubs in the world — Australia, Canada, and the USA.

What makes these three the envy of the world? Freedom mostly.

You can go anywhere; do anything, within reason of course. You have the opportunity to achieve anything you want.

And, you, and your skills and abilities, are the only hindrance to those opportunities.

But the really good news is that with desire and ambition you can overcome many of those same hindrances and achieve your goals and dreams.

Success is simply the day-by-day progression toward a worthwhile goal or dream.

The Stacked Deck

Many younger Americans feel that they’ve been left out of the system. One percent of the population controls more wealth than the other 99 percent.

Woe is me. How can I expect to have a life when the deck is stacked against me?

The answer is simple — Un-Stack the Deck.

Un-Stack The Deck

Seventy percent of the wealthy got there through their own efforts. They didn’t inherit anything. The came from humble beginnings.

They saw an idea and ran with it. There were no guarantees of success or wealth in their future. But adversity didn’t slow them down.

The Excuses Deck

In your case however, society has invented numerous excuses for you to not even make the effort to go after the brass ring.

It might be the social or economic standards of your family, the kind of neighborhood you grew up in, and the quality of the school you attended are all valid reasons you will not succeed.

What hogwash.

Some Final Thoughts

When you stand in front of your mirror each morning what do you see? Some second rate loser? A weakling? Or something else?

How you see yourself goes a long way to becoming the person you want to become.

The American dream’s not broken — just the way we think about it. The dream is no further away than is used to be.

You’re the one who’s moved further away. How far away is what you need to discover. And how you can reverse your course and move back closer to your dream.

If you re-think the American dream as your dream and not just an obscure dream it becomes more of a realistic vision. And if you can see it — you can achieve it.

Take another look in the mirror and tell me what you see.

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