Stories about Montana State University and the conservative Koch brothers have been talked about for a few years now. MSU, supposedly is a very liberal university, reportedly refused to take money, $5.67 million from the Koch brothers to use for research.

The Koch Foundation’s $5.67 million grant to MSU would be used to create an economic research center. Some on the left have said the grants fit with the billionaire’s long-term efforts to influence and control academic research and also government policy. They claim the Koch brothers are trying to control the hearts and minds of the next generation.

The Koch's has already given more than $200 million to universities around the country. Some MSU faculty were apparently demanding that no money be taken from the organization and demanded that it be refused.

Callers to Dominick In The Morning and even myself were upset at MSU. Why would the college not take the money that the billionaire brothers wanted to give to the institution?

Well, this week on Dominick In The Morning we investigated the whole controversy, and what we found may surprise you.


Vice President of University Communications Tracy Ellig explains who got the money and what it is being used for...

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