After multiple delays the Montana State faculty acted as predicted by me in at least two other blogs on this topic.

They voted down a research center. If I ended this blog right now your first reaction would be why? Why turn down such a generous gift and isn’t research needed to further the advancement of society?

It’s Not The Gift; It’s The Giver

In one of the two blogs I referred to the MSU faculty as Manchurian Candidate victims shackled by liberal ideology. Restraints so tight breaking free would be impossible.

The recent vote confirms the accuracy of my diagnosis. I expected nothing less from this group of party patriots.

They are mindless sheep unable to think logically and have done their students a great disservice by diminishing the opportunities offered by this once prestigious university.

Why turn down this gift? Because of the donor. No other earthy reason exists.

The gift of a research center would be funded by two villainous brothers named Koch.

Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch, today commonly referred to as the Koch Brothers – and the only two of Fred Koch's four sons still with Koch Industries – are affiliated with the Koch family foundations. They have also founded and funded a number of conservative and libertarian political organizations.

Which two words in the above sentence stand out as terms the MSU faculty might take issue with?

Emotion Always Wins

In my business seminars I have two rules of advertising and the second rule applies here in spades.

That second rule is, “When Logic and Emotion come into conflict — emotion always wins.” I am again proven correct because logic would dictate taking the gift with a sincere thank you.

Emotion would say we can’t take the gift because your money came from oil. We can’t take the gift because you don’t blindly embrace climate change as we do.

Emotion would say that we think your research would not blindly follow our indoctrinated thinking.

We will still take your $5.7 million grant to be used by two people (how much damage can they do?) and put it to good use.

But you’ll never get a center of any kind on this campus with the Koch name anywhere on it. That dog won’t hunt.

Some Final Thoughts

Believe it or not I’ve actually written a text book used at two universities. So, I don’t take this position because of its political ramifications. I take objection to it because of its ignorance.

If former President Obama wanted to fund a research center for climate change and wanted to put up big bucks I would be cheering from the sidelines for MSU faculty to vote in favor.

You don’t turn down money for education. No matter the source or what you think it might be used for.

The flattest pancake has two sides — and so do the Koch’s.

So, the end result of my three blogs is that this bastion of higher learning will have to endure without my support in any way. Spiritually, ethically, monetarily, or physically.

I am done with those who put their own personal gratification ahead of the students they are supposed to serve.

I’m sure liberal fat cats all over America will applaud this momentous decision as a Koch Brothers defeat — when it’s only a defeat of our educational system.

But don’t look for those same liberal fat cats to reach for their educational donor checkbooks any time soon.

Funding the wearing of masks, stifling free speech, and destruction of property is more their speed.

The MSU faculty voted another form of censorship and dressed it up with mortarboard, tassel and gown.

We’ll hypocritically cash the $5.7 million-dollar check late on a Friday afternoon — when no one’s looking. It must be tough to look in the mirror each morning and call yourselves educators.

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