Starting my 26th year in Bozeman I’m reflecting back to the changes in my adopted home town over the past quarter century.

When I moved here 19th street ended at Durston. There was no Walmart, Costco, Target, Staples, — but we did have K-Mart.

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of changes to downtown Bozeman and the city at large. Our city commission over the years has become much more liberal.

At one time the city commission sent a CD to Washington to show their disfavor with the wars in the Middle East.

Groups have come before the city commission wanting Bozeman to be a sanctuary city.

Colleges across America have become much more liberal. The city where the National College Finals Rodeo used to be held now holds marches for every liberal cause in sight.

Even the MSU faculty votes against taking Koch Brothers donations.

Missoula South?

I used to think it would be impossible for any Montana city to be more liberal than Missoula. Now I’m having to rethink that mindset.

It seems that Bozeman is not immune to free stuff and feel good causes. Every subdivision has to have a park without a single thought as to who might mow and care for it.

There’s talk of a $25,000 garden in Bozeman? Would it be possible to pay me to put it in my front yard? I promise I’ll make you proud.

It’s a miracle the Ten Commandments are still in the corner of Optimists Park downtown. Maybe the removal of that will be the straw that breaks the conservative back.

It’s obvious that MSU has a hand in this. Pretty hard to ignore 16,000 potential voters whose minds are being molded by professors with Marx posters in their offices.

Some Final Thoughts

Not sure what happened to honest journalism. I think the group mind think is the main reason we re-elect 86 percent of the incumbents running for office each election.

Over the past 25 years is seems that when the pendulum swings too far one way it swings back.

I think it might be stuck because it seems to have swung a pretty good distance in one direction. What say you? How liberal is Bozeman?

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