Now before you start reading, I would like to mention that this is not to tick anyone off, but perhaps shed a little light on some things that we are taught from a small age and as we grow older, we should absolutely know better than to do.

Where shall we start? There is a book that is extremely common throughout the world. It helps us with learning and understanding some very simple things along with more difficult things.

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From different languages to fixing things around the house, understanding politics and national parks, the list goes on and on. But there seem to be a couple of editions that have been missed, that could be incredibly useful.

Montana could really benefit from having its own "Montana for Dummies" books or even a "Yellowstone National Park for Dummies" would make sense at this point.

A "Welcome To Yellowstone National Park" welcome gift maybe? Given to everyone entering the park?


Since Yellowstone National Park opened for its official season, there have been 4 different incidents that have made national news. From trying to take the perfect selfie with a bison, bringing a baby elk for a ride in your car, to helping a baby bison out of the creek.

@abc7newsbayarea A visitor to Yellowstone National Park was caught on camera in an incredibly dangerous stunt taking a selfie with a bison laying on the ground only one or two feet away. Park officials warn the public to not approach bison and other wildlife in the park. #bison #yellowstone #yellowstonenationalpark #nationalpark #animal #wildlife #selfie #news #fyp #foryoupage #abc7news ♬ original sound - ABC7 News

It's odd that it is always grown adults that make these headlines. I mean, if you have no common sense I can understand how you would do some of these ridiculous things.

I don't know why people think that Yellowstone National Park is some sort of petting zoo. I didn't think that there would need to be a sign for ADULTS that says "This is not a petting zoo, please don't get close to ANY animal".

Could Montana benefit from having a "Yellowstone for Dummies" or "Montana for Dummies" book? Absolutely.

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