Food, sex, Seinfeld, being the designated driver, porn, NSYNC, long hair on guys...those are just a few things people hate about their states.

According to the dating app Hater, which launched in February, people in America hate a lot of weird things. After months of putting together and questioning its users, the Hater app announced what each one of the 50 United States really hate. Some states hate things that others may love. I was shocked to see what they say Montana hates. I wonder if you agree. But before I tell you, so you don't think we are strange here in Montana, let's look at what other people hate in their states.

Alabama hates vegetarians. Nevada hates feminism. Texas hates sleeping with the window open. Utah hates porn. Hawaii hates people who take videos at concerts.

Here in Montana, the thing that is hated the most? Cold weather? People from California? Traffic? The Dominick In The Morning radio show?

No. According to the people who use the dating app Haters, we hate, really, really hate... going to the gym.

Let me clarify. The app says "Montana singles hate going to the gym." It kind of makes sense. If you are an unmarried person in our state, so may people are into sports and staying fit, if you wanna fit in and join the dating scene, your competition is probably in good shape. So you have to go the gym.



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