What is going on with Bozeman Real Estate? Joyce Miller, one of Bozeman's top realtors, stopped by Dominick In The Morning today to talk about real estate. Things are looking good for home owners. It is a sellers' market, but you can still find your dream house.

What is the average cost of a home in our town? A little over $300,000. But Miller points out there are still some bargains out there. She has a house right now for a little over $200,000. Condos, she said, are a good buy and the perfect "first house" for young couples.

Some people who are looking for homes have some unusual requests, like can they raise goats at their new home. Yes, they can, Miller said, but in the right area. You couldn't do it in downtown Bozeman, but she can find you the right area for goats.

A little trick Miller talked about was how writing a letter to the person whose house you want to buy may help. Telling the homeowner about yourself and how the house would be perfect for your family might be the little push needed in getting a "yes."

The best down payment for a house in Bozeman is about 20 percent. But don't worry if you have less, Miller and her team might be able to work with you to get your home.

At the end of the show, I realized things are looking great for homeowners and it's only going to get better.




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