I’m amazed at what passes for news in this nation. Other countries must be rolling on the floor with laughter watching our pathetic protests during the playing of our National Anthem during our children’s games.

While at the same time they respect and revere their own flag and anthem.

Take A Knee In Congress

As predicted, at least two members of congress have taken a knee on the floor of their respective houses.

I’m sure we won’t have to wait long before someone on the Bozeman City Commission decides to take a knee in protest at a commission meeting.

In protest of what, they really don’t know. I’m sure an explanation of the wrong they are righting will preface their action.

Why Stop With The Anthem?

Take a knee in restaurants before taking your seat. Let all around you know what you’re protesting and invite them to kneel along with you.

Take a knee while getting your oil changed. The grocery store should have a captive audience. Take a knee next to the kumquats.

This would be especially effective if done in the Town & Country location next to MSU.

Hunters might have a problem because they sometimes kneel to steady their shot. Not sure about fisherman.

Teachers — you should be kneeling in the classroom before each change of class.

Policeman should all kneel before ripping that ticket off the pad and giving it to that law-breaking speeder.

I see a whole new sculpting cottage industry here. No future statues will have leaders on horseback. They’ll all be taking a knee.

Some Final Thoughts

If the action of kneeling isn’t 100 percent, according to Hoyle, defined absolutely it carries no weight. Kneeling just to be kneeling for whatever cause de jour you happen to be in favor of has no power and the rank and file citizen will dismiss it.

Much like streaking in the 70s was a novelty — this too shall pass.

The natural evolution of these demonstrations will eventually result in all of us down on two knees then laying flat on our faces.

A statue of Washington or Jefferson face down. Hummmm.

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