I truly believe that Bozeman, Montana is The Last Best Place on Earth. However, even the best place is not free of warts.

Here are a few things I hate (well not hate but strongly dislike) about Bozeman.

Hate#1 – Bozeman Politics

No question that the politics of Bozeman are rapidly changing. It’s becoming much more liberal leaning than in years past - forced affordable housing, firing a city manager but voting in a golden parachute beforehand, the deterioration of our streets with no real plan by commissioners for repair until they’re forced to act.

Not smart thinking, ladies and gentleman.

Hate #2 – The Design Police

I think I read someplace that the city of Houston doesn’t have any design restrictions. You can build what you want as long as it meets code.

The Bozeman Design Review Board would be apoplectic if you wanted to put up something without their approval.

Remember when one of the city commissioners wanted to redesign a roof? Not in this town, lady.

Hate #3 – Construction

Every summer it seems that every street, road, alley or path is under construction in Bozeman. I realize there is a need for all this, but why is it only done on the roads I travel?

Hate #4 – Demonstrations

Every time I turn around there is some kind of demonstration in Bozeman. Almost all of them mimic other demonstrations seen on the evening news.

I have no problem with voicing your discontent over a perceived wrong, but it seems like these events only occur after others have originated the idea.

I’ll be very surprised if I don’t see a city commissioner kneel at a future commission meeting.

Hate #5 – Cost of Living

Bozeman is a tough place to make a living. My wife and I struggled to make it here but we eventually won out.

They claim our population turns over every seven years or so. People come and people go. If the winters don’t dissuade you then the wages might.

Some Final Thoughts

It’s tough to find things to hate about Bozeman. It’s a pretty cool place in spite of its shortcomings. It's pricey, more than a little elitist, and a little liberal. I guess I can live with two out of three.

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