Swedish Fish, Damn They’re Good
I don't really have a "sweet tooth," but lately... Swedish Fish are my bane! Gummie, but NOT - Sweet but not sickeningly so... And my fascination with these confectionery delights happens every five years or so.
It, most recently, started last week, with a small handful of eigh…
Why Ray Charles Matters [AUDIO]
He was called "The Genius," we knew him simply better as Ray Charles. I can't honestly tell you why I'm writing about Ray today, it's not an anniversary of his birth, passing or any other special day of note.  But I've been listening to his music all day fr…
Lessons From Chick-fil-A
You will not be allowed to do business in the United States of America, the freest nation on the face of the earth, until your opinions are “rubber stamped” by the elite ruling class.

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