One of the lessons I always cover to new business owners is to make sure the business advice you receive comes from those qualified to give it.

Unfortunately, we can’t live our lives only listening to a small conglomeration of opinions. But, if I wanted to learn to play golf I would probably not hire a tennis pro to help me.

When Did Entertainers Become Political Authorities?

I watch the business channels a lot each day. Over the years I’ve discovered that the so-called market experts are wrong about as often as they’re right.

But yet there they are spewing out advice that may or may not cost you a small fortune.

Why The Fear Of Trump?

It seems Hollywood can’t go ten seconds without some celeb taking to the airwaves to denounce the USA or in particular President Donald J. Trump.

This has to be a hard world for these folks to wake up to each morning. YouTube is full of videos of the election night angst of Hillary supporters creating a run on Kleenex.

Bill Maher thinks a total destruction of the financial system would be the best way to bring Trump down.

By all means let’s put the entire country in misery for your selfish ideology and to make yourself feel good because the election didn’t turn out as you’d hoped.

Actor Robert De Niro (above) believes that Canadians deserve an apology for President Trump’s rhetoric about trade between the two countries.

I’ve somehow missed De Niro’s testimony before congress demonstrating his extensive knowledge of free trade policies.

Some Final Thoughts

The unfortunate ending to all this back and forth between the president and celebrities is that both have an audience.

If ever there was a need for truth in advertising, or in this case — comment, this is it. Your soundbite should have a disclaimer at the bottom of the comment stating that you are clueless about the subject on which you’re commenting.

I for one favor the exposure of these free thinkers. The more they spout off the more obvious their bias becomes.

The November election is going to be very interesting. Blue wave or Red wave? I can’t wait to find out.

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