After the past few days, we have realized that there are many places in and around Bozeman you don't want to get stuck. 

Last week, we did a story on what we thought was the worst intersection in Bozeman, and we believe that it's the intersection of Main Street and Rouse Avenue. That was just our opinion though, we wanted to hear from you on what you thought was the worst intersection in Bozeman, and we have some great suggestions. Here are a few that fit the description:

Joseph wrote in and said the intersection of Baxter and 19th Avenue is the worst. Those crossroads are horrendous during rush hour traffic in the morning and afternoons. That is a horrible intersection. 

Lisa threw out any intersection of Main Street in Downtown Bozeman. She does have a great point. Any intersection in Downtown Bozeman can and should be considered for this title because there are no turn lanes or turn signals. These delays can back up traffic and slow everyone down to a crawl. It's brutal. 

Greg submitted the intersection of East Valley Center Road and Valley Spur Road. If you don't realize where this is, it's the intersection that goes under I-90 to get to Frontage Road. This intersection can be horrible for the fact that if there is a train, this can back up cars a great distance. It's horrendous. Good choice Greg!

With Bozeman still growing at a rapid rate, we can only expect more intersections like these to pop up and annoy drivers shortly. Hopefully, this will help you avoid these areas when driving to your destination. 

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