Teenager in Coma After Suffering Injury While Preparing to Appear on Anderson Cooper’s Talk Show
CNN reporter Anderson Cooper’s new daytime talk show hasn’t even been on the air for a month — and it’s already under fire. While prepping for an episode about the workings of the adolescent mind, ‘Anderson’ producers allegedly asked a teenaged guest who was to appear on the show to “film the crazy stuff you do.” The kid then taped himself doing a skateboard stunt during which he fell and suffered
Study Reveals Head Trauma May Increase Likelihood of Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s disease has long been a medical mystery, but new research may point to at least one cause for the debilitating condition. After a study involving 300,000 veterans aged 55 and up, scientists at the University of California-San Francisco learned that older people who’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury — or TBI — during their lives have more than twice the risk of developing dementia
Wild West Shootout Re-Enactment Hospitalizes Three Spectators
Tourists watching the Old West show in Hill City, South Dakota last Friday got a real taste of the mayhem associated with that time period when live ammo began spraying into the crowd. Investigators  aren’t sure if real bullets somehow got into the actor’s guns, or if it was  shrapnel from blanks that wounded three spectators seriously enough to be taken to the hospital in  ambulances.