A man called 911 after getting lost hiking in the woods Friday night. Missoula County Search and Rescue Coordinator Jeremiah Peterson said the man was originally thought to be suffering from hypothermia when they initiated the search.


“The man was actually located by a friend just before search and rescue units got to him,” said Peterson. “He was still walking, he had cut off is boots and he had tried to light them on fire with a lighter. His shirt and his coat were frozen completely solid. He was very disoriented and walked in the snow with just socks on.”


The man was taken to St. Patrick Hospital for medical evaluations. 911 received another call that night about an apparent avalanche.


“A gentleman had called his friend and said he was having a hard time breathing because he was stuck in the snow and that he couldn’t locate his friend who was riding a snow mobile with him,” Peterson said. “The gentleman they called got a hold of a couple of his friends and they loaded up a snow mobile and drove up there. At some point he hit a gate on the forest service road and caused a crash that resulted in him becoming inured.”


The man involved in the crash was located and taken to St. Patrick Hospital. The two who originally called 911 were also found and deemed to be fine after being taken out of the area. Peterson says no charges will be filed at this time.

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