I have been blogging for KMMS for five years. During that time I’ve written the equivalent of eighteen 260-page books.

All my blog posts are my personal opinion and don't necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of Townsquare Media or AM 1450 KMMS.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Some days I’m very proud of what I write other times I hold my nose when I hit submit.

Writing something spectacular five days a week is not easy. But that's the goal nevertheless.

As I look through some of my past blogs I picked six that are not necessarily great writing but might make you look at things from a different perspective.

Six Blog Posts Everyone Should Read

  • Black Lives Matter feels the USA has wronged black people. They would like the country to pay retribution. I wrote about the fallacy of this in 2014.
  • Most people think wealth starts at the top. It doesn’t. I wrote about how trickle down really works in 2013 using a real life example.
  • Climate change never seems to leave the front pages. I put a new perspective on it in 2014.
  • The Supreme Court decided about gay marriage in June of 2015. Here are my thoughts from three years earlier in 2012.
  • Equal pay for equal work sounds good on the surface but could open a real can of worms as I described in 2014.
  • What happens when the minimum wages goes up too fast? Have you thought about that? I did two years ago.

Some Final Thoughts

Picking six blogs was not easy but all these past blogs seem to be current headlines.

Is what I wrote years ago coming to pass — or was I way off base?

Comments below.

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