According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, MSU is wondering about rubber stamping relationships between students and faculty.

According to the article this salacious activity is currently permitted. That alone boggles my mind that any university would turn a blind eye to student faculty trysts.

Student vs. Teacher

As a former adjutant professor at Gallatin College I really didn’t need to be told that students were off limits. I pretty much figured that out all by myself.

Not that I’m that much of a catch at my advanced age, but I think any relationship between student and teacher could result in a very large can of worms.

Sexual harassment would be the biggest one. He didn’t give me an “A” for sexual favors I provided. True or not, that statement alone will put you in a court of law in this litigious society.

Some Final Thoughts

For this to even be considered is ludicrous considering the escalating numbers of attacks on college campuses across the land.

I sincerely hope that cooler heads will prevail and the leaders at MSU will build the highest wall possible between relationships between students and faculty.

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