A Montana jury has the case in their hands. They are deliberating the case of a Doctor Chris Christensen who is charged with over prescribing opiates. Why is this case important to us? The reason is some doctors are scared to offer pain meds to sick people. You may really need medications to help with pain but is it worth a doctor risking jail to help you. Fear and looking for someone to blame, that's what this case is doing to us in Montana and America.

Dr. Christensen is facing jail time for the overdose deaths of two patients. He is being blamed. This sends a chilling effect to all our doctors. People who are in pain need these drugs but some people, fake being in pain, lie to doctors  just to get the drugs. Should a doctor be prosecuted if a patent missuses their pain pills.

Prosecutors in court argue that the Doctor knew his prescribing practices could lead to deaths. In the 1990s five of his patients in Idaho died.

The Doctors defense team argued he was a compassionate physician who was helping pain patients.



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