Not a day goes by that a high profile member of society isn’t added to the list of possible molesters. The latest names on the accused list are Judge Roy Moore running for the Republican Senate seat in Alabama and Al Franken, sitting Democrat senator from Minnesota.

President Donald Trump was accused and even admitted to some deviant activity on tape.

Former President Bill Clinton’s exploits are known and were widely publicized and led to his impeachment and loss of his law license.

The late Senator Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge and left a woman to drown in his car. No jail time for that.

Gary Hart had presidential aspirations and even dared the press to follow him around during the campaign, which they did.

Rep. Gary Condit became a suspect in the disappearance of Chandra Levy when DNA evidence was found on underwear in her closet. The California Democrat was married at the time.

While he was eventually cleared of any involvement in her death his political career never recovered. Nor should it have.

Wedding vows are little more than lip service. In what civilized society does that work?

Hollywood Uncovered

The list of Hollywood names under scrutiny is too long to list here but the main point to consider is that this behavior was not only accepted — but also condoned.

The casting couch was and probably still is business as usual in the movie and TV industry.

Some Final Thoughts

We all know what’s right — but pushing the envelope is more fun.

Using power and influence to get your way over the objections of those you control is a rush for some.

The loss of morals has become an epidemic more insidious than many of the diseases that we have vaccines for.

Unfortunately there’s no vaccine for immoral behavior. When society turns a blind eye we all suffer.

No job, no position in life is worth being used. It’s time to blow the whistle.

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