United States Senator Steve Daines will be my guest tomorrow on Dominick in the Morning.

Senator Daines just announced an agreement to begin selling Montana beef to China. According to the senator's website, he has been working hard trying to make this happen. It has been over 13 years since our beef was served in that country.

"Opening Chinese markets to U.S. beef is a win for Montana's producers," Daines stated on his website. Daines lived in China for over 10 years when he was in the private sector.

One thing I wanted to talk to the senator about is whether our state will be taking in a large number of Syrian refugees.

I want to know about more about the senator's relationship with President Trump. I wonder if he is as frustrated as I am about politicians questioning the loyalty of President Trump. Does the Senator, think President Trump is being controlled by Russia?

I would like to know what you would like to ask Senator Daines. Please email me at Dominick@KMMSAM.com what is on your mind. Being new to Montana, I might not really understand all the issues that are important to you.

I didn't even know Montana has the highest quality of beef in the world. I see cows sometimes when I drive around town, but I thought they were like pets. Maybe they were on the farm for milk. Now that I know they are being killed and made into steaks, it kind of depresses me.

Senator Daines, tomorrow on Dominick on the Air, call in or text your questions. Call 406-522-8255 or text 406-266-7617.



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