We all have a comfort zone — a level of life where we’re doing OK. We’re paying the bills, food on the table, roof overhead, and an occasional vacation.

Life is good isn’t it? And that’s the problem.

Are You Settling For Less?

If I took everything you have and dropped you in the middle of nowhere in a few years you’d be right back to where you are now.

Why? Because of your experiences and your expertise you know how to get back to the level you’re at now.

If you lose a job you get another with similar pay and responsibility because that falls within your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone thermostat is set to, “I have to make this much to live comfortably.” Not lavishly — just comfortably.

Why Not Settle For More?

When I moved to California I left the old me behind and became a completely new person. Why not?

No one knew me in California. I had no history, no baggage from my previous life. I could start all over being who I wanted to be.

Not what friends and family thought I should be. I never felt so free and unrestricted.

One of the additional benefits of this new found freedom was realizing that my earning potential was also not restricted. There was no one to tell me my ideas were stupid or wouldn’t work.

I adjusted my comfort zone thermostat upward. I took chances. After all I had very little to lose.

To put things in perspective this change wasn’t an overnight change. It was a little at a time over a period of time.

There were times I was taking two steps back for every step forward. But over time I reversed that.

Some Final Thoughts

If you want to run a marathon you change your life to do that. If you want to be healthier you change your life to do that.

If you want to add a wing to the hospital you change your life to do that.

If you want to be wealthy the only person that’s keeping that from happening — is you.

All you need to do is reset your comfort zone thermostat. Will the higher setting feel uncomfortable for a while? You bet it will.

If you’re comfortable now would it take that much more to be just a little more comfortable tomorrow, next month or a little more comfortable after that next year?

Take a look at your comfort zone thermostat and turn it up a little. You might be surprised how good it feels.

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