Senate candidate Russ Fagg joined hosts and Tom Egelhoff, Shane Montalban and guest City Commissioner Jeff Krauss to discuss issues that will be on the table in the November election.

Listen below to some of the following topics Tom, Shane and Jeff explored with Judge  Russ Fagg.

The conversation began with the movement for a balanced budget amendment and there were many ideas for how that would work.

The next topic was the second amendment and what is to be done about criminals getting availability of guns.

Judge Fagg listed his thoughts on how congress should deal with the second amendment and good people having the right to bare arms.

Judge Fagg parted company with President Trump on the issue of tariffs because the consumer is the end person punished with a tariff.

Tom wanted the judge’s view on whether it was smart to get out of the Iran agreement and the Trans Pacific Partnership was also covered.

Emigration and the wall is a hot topic with most listeners and Tom asked the judge for his views. DACA was also included in the immigration discussion.

The November election results and the power of the senate to confirm or reject Supreme Court nominees and also a replacement for one of the 9th Circuit who passed away recently.

Another topic asked should congress stay in session until all nominees are given and up or down vote?

Listen to this informative interview with Senate Candidate Judge Russ Fagg running for the US Senate in November.

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