AirAsia Flight From Indonesia to Singapore Missing
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If you’ve flown on an airplane you know the drill my headline is referring to. The flight attendants (formally known as stewardesses) give you all the safety information about the aircraft.

One part of that information that almost no one, other than first time flyers, listens to is the sudden depressurization of the cabin.

Not sure why the call it a cabin but they do.

So in the event of a drop in cabin pressure a yellow mask will fall from the overhead with oxygen for you.

You're instructed to secure your own mask first before assisting others such as a small child.

Why Not Help Everyone Else First?

Isn’t taking care of yourself rather selfish. I thought we were supposed to a compassionate society.

Those other folks need oxygen and they need it now. You selfish uncompassionate troll.

As it turns out there’s a good reason for this instruction. The more people who are breathing the more people there are to help those not breathing.

And therein lies today’s little life lesson.

Help is what we should always offer but in the right way. Don’t give away assets if your family needs them. Put your own mask on first.

Helping the poor by making yourself poor is never a lasting solution.

Put your own house in order before taking on the burden of someone else’s house.

There Is A Natural Need To Help

When we see someone in need there is a natural reaction to help. It’s just the way the human mind functions.

We feel guilty if we have more than others. When you feel that way you are the last person to put on the mask.

If life has been good — most give something back.

Is it the act of giving back or is there judgment that you didn’t give enough in some people’s eyes?

You could have put the mask on more people but you didn’t.

While you were selfishly putting your mask on yourself and your children some other poor soul suffocated.

Some Final Thoughts

The oxygen masks come down for every seat on the plane.

Everyone has the opportunity to be saved but only if they apply their own mask first before assisting those who are unable to apply their own mask.

The more you have, the more you can help.

If you could not apply your own mask would you want someone else gasping for breath trying to help you?

Or would you prefer a calm person working quickly who already has their mask on?

You do the math.

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