As we talked this morning on Law Talk with Jennifer Bordy, if the Governor does not veto or sign a law before him within a 10 day window runs out it automatically becomes law by default.


This is one way for Governor Schweitzer to avoid any political repercussion.

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) - Gov. Brian Schweitzer says he will let a bill to limit medical marijuana patients and end pot businesses become law.

Schweitzer had been critical of the overhaul bill that passed the Legislature, but he told The Bozeman Daily Chronicle Friday that the current law doesn't work.

He says he believes the current law allows recreational users to smoke marijuana.

Schweitzer says he won't sign the bill. It will become law without his signature 10 days after he receives it.

The new law will ban marijuana providers from charging patients for marijuana and limit to three the number of people they can give marijuana to.

The new law also will limit who qualifies for medical marijuana. It also gives cities and law enforcement more authority to monitor and regulate providers.

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