School walkouts are being planned all across America. Some have already happened others are on the way.

While I do appreciate the idea of students being involved in societal issues I wonder how many are true devotes and how many just see this as an opportunity to skip a day of school.

I wonder how many would walk out if they knew they were going to have to make up the time in May or June.

How many would sacrifice a day of freedom from books and tests?

We Invented Protesting and Demonstrations

I’m a child of the 60s and my generation invented protesting and demonstrations. Vietnam War and Civil Rights — we wrote the playbook on civil discourse.

Everyone remembers the demonstrations at the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago. But few could tell me where the last Women’s March was held or what day.

The problem with school walk outs and protests and demonstrations is that they’re organized by outsiders who are only there for their own selfish interests.

The unwitting students are sucked into the anti-NRA, anti-gun groups and used as pawns.

These fanatics have professionally made signs, T-shirts, banners, hardly a spontaneous movement.

All these artificial props make their movement less powerful. It’s obvious that the people there are just there hoping they might get on TV or, like Woodstock, you could say you were there if anything newsworthy happens.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m more than willing to let these kids have their moment in the sun. But the sad thing is that nothing much will have changed at school tomorrow.

Until there is an act of violence so horrific only political lip service will be given to school violence.

A certain loss of life is OK for our political leaders unless there are votes to be gained.

Sad as it is many parents of school children aren’t even involved in their kids’ lives let alone going to the polls for more money to protect them.

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