Just when we thought ISIS, North Korea, Republican inefficiency, and Russian relations could keep the media coverage of protesters at bay along comes April 15th — Tax Day.

What To Protest On Tax Day?

So many choices for a tax day protest. You could protest income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, corporations paying no taxes, Warren Buffet paying a lower percentage than his secretary? Who’s down with that unfairness?

I would gladly pick up a sign for any of those worthwhile causes.

I guess protests work better on weekends since April 15 was Saturday this year. Perhaps the protestors were unaware that tax day this year was April 18th.

What did these concerned citizens do with their constitutionally protected rights to redress their grievances on the streets of our major cities?

They protested President Donald Trump because he has yet to release his tax returns.

Ignorance Is Bliss

Never mind that every president in modern history is audited for the very reason that the protestors are so worked up about.

The IRS needs to make sure that there is no monetary benefit to the president afforded him or her while in office.

The Vice President is also audited. Plus both have to supply satisfactory financial statements before running or their names will never be on any ballot.

Release of tax returns began with Nixon. Show of hands — how many people would like to know where John F. Kennedy’s money came from? Any of daddy’s scotch poured at White House parties?

Some Final Thoughts

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than beating your fellow man with clubs and fists? That’s the America we all know and love — NOT.

Why bother discussing issues when a good smack to the jaw will settle things?

Peaceful protests have become a thing of the past. Civil discourse should be placed at the top of the endangered species list.

We are on a slippery slop and we just seem to be picking up speed.

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