When you think of all the rich and famous people who now call Montana home, at least part-time, this well-known billionaire isn't on the list - but I wish he was. Although his companies do have major business dealings in Montana, I couldn't find any search evidence that he's got residential property here.

Why wish for another billionaire to be here? Well, you know the ultra wealthy are still going to come, so why not handpick a few that you wouldn't mind bumping into? Pick the ones who might bring something to the table, or at least be able to teach you a thing or two that doesn't involve "telling us how Montana should do things". Choose the ones who seem to have a shred of normalcy in how they live their lives.

I realize that the chances of bumping into your "wished-for billionaire" are slim to none, let alone get the chance to have a meaningful conversation. However, this is all theoretical anyway, so....whatever. From what I've read and seen about this person, they appear to live very normal lives in their home state - driving themselves, going to work every day, and eating at the most popular chain restaurant on the planet. Makes him human.

IMO, Warren Buffett would be a very decent addition to the rich and/or famous droves that have moved to Montana - even on a part-time basis. I'm aware as one of the richest people on the planet he's perfectly happy in Omaha, Nebraska. But that's not what this thought experiment is about.

If he mirrored his life in Nebraska, he wouldn't tuck himself away in some extravagant private club. He'd own a (probably decent sized) normal house in a normal part of town. He'd drive a normal car, albeit a Cadillac, most likely. He'd drive himself to McDonalds every morning to grab a drive-thru breakfast before heading to the office. All assumptions, of course, but that's how he lives his life there - why not live it that way here?

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Nebraska: Warren Buffett
Fortune Live Media // Flickr

What would be the cool part about him living here? My hope would be he'd give talks, lectures, or teach classes. It may not seem that interesting to anyone who doesn't care about money management or investing, but for those who do - Warren Buffett is the most practical man on the planet. I'm not saying that we should pick his brain if you ever saw him at a grocery store, but if the teaching or lecturing thing was a real option - how cool would that be? Not everyone has access to the 'Oracle of Omaha'. (We'd have to come up with a new nickname.)

With the word about Montana long out, and the influx of famous newbies continuing - I see no problem in chitchatting about "if you could pick, who would you pick". But we can't pick. We can only hope that Montana gets more of the down to earth crowd from here on out. There will always be the rich and famous. Some of them are just more drama-free than others, and that's kind of what Montana needs these days.

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