On Air show from February 9, 2013.

My recent guest Richard Shafsky joins me again to cover some timely health topics including:

1. First-of-all: problems with annual FLU VACCINES, coupled with natural options, need to be addressed.
2. HYPOGLYCEMIA is related to DIABETES, and both are often not properly diagnosed. I would like to discuss that as well as things you can do TODAY!
3. I will also talk about different MEN’S HEALTH topics, including hair loss;

Segment 1
Jacobus introduces the show and Richard Shafsky. Richard talks about weaponized viruses. The hosts also talk about the ingredients in vaccines.

Segment 2
The guests talk about genetically engineered vaccines. They also talk about chloro-fluoro compound that negatively affects our iodine supply, including a recipe to use: glass of warm water with 2 tsp raw honey, 1-2 TBS Braggs Vinegar (with the "mother"), 7-10 drops iodine (Lugol's or other).

Segment 3
The hosts talk about men's health. A caller talks about quitting statin drugs and feeling better. The hosts also explain the need of cholesterol for hormone production.

Segment 4
The hosts continue talking about lower testosterone related to various conditions, and the need for zinc in the male metabolic processes and testosterone. The hosts talk more about chloro-fluoro compounds in our drinking water and how it displaces zinc in our system.

Segment 5
Richard talks about the need for organic food. A caller asks about Richard's drink mix.

Segment 6
A caller asks for information on Jacobus's store. Jacobus explains the connection between prostate cancer and low gamma tocopherol vitamin E.

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