Is Bozeman Getting Louder?
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Can you hear me now? Chances are you can’t. At least not as well as you could hear at one time in your life.
According to studies by the U.S. Center for Disease Control, it seems the world around …
Experts Believe 366 Million People Now Suffer from Diabetes
During a European meeting of the International Diabetes Federation, it was announced that 366 million people now suffer from the disease — and that number is only going up.
Since diabetes is most often diagnosed in middle age, experts believe the increase in cases is at least partially due to a…
Diabetic Sues All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurant
A diabetic sushi patron is seeking $6000 for being asked to eat the rice along with the fish in an all you can eat sushi restaurant. The owner refused the all you can eat price because the man was not eating it all of what was offered. Maybe they could have come to a compromise and he could have off…

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