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That title is one of my favorite sayings. Einstein’s problem solving process was, “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about the solution.”

We all have problems. Some serious; some are minor with simple solutions. Solving a problem does carry a certain amount of satisfaction along with it.

Lean back, take a deep breath, — problem solved.

Problems we can’t solve bring on high levels of stress and frustration. It’s why we rob convenience stores or drink to excess.

Hire A Problem Solver

Sometimes the solutions that seem right at the time are way off the rails. And we often complicate the problem in our quest to find those solutions.

I stopped doing my own plumbing and electrical work long ago because in many cases my efforts made the problem worse and more expensive in the end.

Many people in this world make a very nice living by solving problems. Doctors, lawyers, plumbers, auto mechanics, and psychiatrists all do quite well in the problem-solving department.

The more serious the problem the more lucrative the solution becomes for those who can solve it.

Some Final Thoughts

Problems are just solutions in work clothes. They require a little work and effort on your part. I suggest you take a page out of Einstein’s playbook and concentrate more on the problem than on the solution.

I know the problem isn’t easy to think about because we would like it to be gone. If I could find a solution by thinking about it for 55 minutes then I think that would be well worth it.

What’s your problem solving process?

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