The American family is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Mom, Dad, and the 2.5 kids are an endangered species.

The reason, in large part, is because of political correctness.

The Family Unit

More people are shacking up than are living in married households for the first time in history. There was a time that living together without the benefit of marriage was frowned upon by society.

The knee jerk reaction to such a statement would usually be something like, “What a prude!!” In politically correct parlance that simply means it’s none of my business what other people do. Live and let live they say.

Actually it is my business when the fabric of the American dream becomes frayed because someone wants to feel good about themselves at my expense.

Without the strong family unit we have very little to fall back on. Unfortunately the family unit has been obliterated by political correctness.

Shacking up is OK, divorce is OK, abortion is OK, drugs are OK, teen sex is OK, breaking laws have no consequences since enforcement is selective based on what’s politically correct.

If you are poor you are politically correct. If you are rich you are politically incorrect.

The poor want to be rich while the poor also want the rich to be poor at the same time.

If You’re Offended We’re Sorry

Heaven forbid we would offend anyone or hurt his or her feelings. Everyone gets a trophy; pass-fail in school, if you’re offended we’ll provide safe zones where you will not have to be exposed to real life.

Give me a break.

Whatever group you belong to there is an excellent chance you are highly offended by some other group.

Rich or poor, black or white, old or young, religion, sexual preference, all play into the insidiousness of political correctness.

You’ve got something and I don’t. You think differently than me so that’s not fair.

If you resist my point of view I am going to call you out on that and if you still disagree you are a bigot, racist or fill in the blank “______afobe.”

I will use every current politically correct label available to reduce you into submission to my way of thinking. Otherwise the name calling and labeling will be non-stop.

You will be ostracized from my approved politically correct society and be shunned by all humans on this planet.

And while I am nowhere near religious I have God on my side because Jesus would never, ever think like you do.

Some Final Thoughts

How many times a day do we find ourselves measuring our words depending on whom we’re talking to?

We’re always on the defensive that we might let the wrong word or label slip. Why do we allow our lives to be controlled like that?

Who died and left the politically correct in charge?

Since I no longer work for anyone or depend on anyone for my income I have the luxury of staying anything I like about any subject or group.

That’s very liberating.

Feel free to bring on the name calling because I’m politically immune.

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