According to a National Gallup Poll, Obama's job approval rating has been on the decline and are down from the 2009 rating. Will this drive the oval office to take another direction or will they stay on the same course? Montana makes it into the top five offering the least approval for the president.


Michael A. Memoli - LA Times

In only a dozen states is the president's approval rating above 50%, the information shows, and in 10 states his approval rating is lower than 40%. In no state did his approval rating rise last year, and the most severe drops occurred in "red states" carried by Sen. John McCain in 2008 and battlegrounds he will need to win in 2012 to earn re-election.

Vermont registered the biggest dip in presidential job approval — 15.2% lower in 2010 than in 2009. It was followed by Arizona, where the Obama administration's lawsuit challenging the state's illegal-immigration law made the political environment even more toxic for Democrats.

For the second consecutive year, Obama's native state of Hawaii offers him the most support, with 66% of voters approving of his job performance. Maryland (58%), New York (57%), Delaware (56%) and Massachusetts (55%) round out the top five. Eight of 12 states where Obama's approval rating is above the national average are in the northeast region.

Obama is least popular in Wyoming, where just 28% of voters approve of his performance. Gallup found that five of the top 10 least approving states were in the West, including Idaho (32%), Utah (34%), Montana (39%) and Alaska (39%).

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