Montana nonprofits just got some good news from the Department of Justice’s Gambling Control Division. Nonprofits they can now sell raffle tickets and more. Our Legislature has eased restrictions on gambling-related nonprofit fundraising. It just went into effect a few days ago on October 1, 2017.

Angela Nunn, Administrator of the Gambling Control Division, said, “The Montana Department of Justice worked very closely with the Gaming Advisory Council and Senator Blasdel in the last session to pass legislation that would ease restrictions on nonprofits in their gambling-related fundraising efforts. We appreciate the nonprofit organizations that reached out to us and worked with us to develop a workable solution.” Nunn added, “We hope the changes will allow nonprofits to increase their fundraising potential so they have the resources they need to continue fulfilling important missions for the people of Montana. The Gambling Control Division looks forward to developing our relationship with nonprofit organizations across the state and providing the resources and support they need to stay in compliance with Montana’s gambling laws and rules.”

Confused? Well, the Gambling Control Division wants to help you understand what this means to nonprofits. They have set up a web site to show you guidelines. There is also a number of resources for organizations that choose to have gambling-related activities, such as casino nights, Calcutta auctions, or raffles.

Have fun gambling and at the same time help do some good.


LONDON - JULY 27: A woman looks at a casino website on July 27, 2004 in London. Internet gambling websites should introduce age-verification checks to prevent children from betting online, NCH (a children's charity) urged on Tuesday. The call by NCH came after it found that a 16-year-old girl was able to register with 30 gambling sites after lying about her age. (Photo iillustration by Graeme Robertson/Getty Images).