The United States House of Representatives voted today to provide $36.5 billion for urgent recent natural disasters. But before the law was passed, Congressman Greg Gianforte said, not so fast. What about Montana?

Gianforte fought to get Washington’s attention on wildfires in our state. Now funding package includes $576.5 million for wildfires and recovery needs.

“This year’s destructive wildfires have ravaged Montana, burning nearly 1.25 million acres. I witnessed the devastation firsthand and saw livelihoods threatened, wildlife habitats destroyed, and poor air quality jeopardize the health of Montanans, particularly our children and seniors,” Gianforte said. “The relief package passed today is a good first step as we work to recover and rebuild our communities from this year’s wildfires... While this aid is critical to our ongoing efforts, we also need a long-term solution that provides healthier forests and reduces the severity of our wildfires, which is why I will continue to advocate for meaningful forest management reforms.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Speaker Paul Ryan both credit Gianforte for making sure Montana gets its fair share.

Speaker Paul Ryan said, “Greg has been a strong advocate for wildfire resources for Montana in the midst of this devastating fire season. He was a leader from the West who helped make sure needed funds were provided for in this package.”


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “From Montana to now California, the west has faced devastating fires this year. Greg has been a fierce advocate for Congress to address the damage to our communities that are reeling from these tragic disasters. Today’s bill passage is an important step to start delivering needed resources to respond, recover, and rebuild each community affected by these fires.”

As a small state (population wise), it's important to have representatives pushing for us not to get left out.


Piute Wildfire Burns In The Sequoia National Forest
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