On Air show from February 2, 2013.

Toby McAdam, the owner of Rising Sun Health in Livingston will be my co-host. We're going to cover several important topics during this show.

1. First-of-all: problems with annual flu vaccines, coupled with natural options, need to be addressed.
2. Hypoglycemia is related to diabetes, and both are often not properly diagnosed. I would like to discuss that as well as things you can do today!
3. I will also talk about different Men's Health topics, including hair loss;

Segement 1
Jacobus introduces the show and his co-host, Toby McAdam. Toby talks about iodine, including how you need iodide to make iodine and how the thyroid is the "soul" of the human body as it runs everything.

Segment 2
A caller weighs in about why people get fat. Toby talks about looking at additives in food and that iodine is the missing link. Jacobus talks about how stress and diet change into more carbs, less protein. A caller asks about Toby's store and if he's still open for the public.

Segment 3
A caller talks about pain and the caller and guests talk about how one needs to keep moving and not sit still. One can't expect other people to take care of them; it must be done independently. Chuck talks about his own back pain and Toby talks about his hip pain and two upcoming replacements.

Segment 4
Chuck talks about the weather and Toby talk about North Dakota. The guests then discuss a Well Being Journal article about "Foods That Can Cause or Heal Pain."

Segment 5
Jacobus and Toby discuss the individual nature of pain and treating pain, as well as food and nutrients that can be used for chronic pain. They also talk about the use of cinnamon for neuropathy.

Segment 6
Jacobus and Toby talk about the flu season and vaccine. A caller discusses limb pain. The hosts continue talking about the flu, including reading from Dr. Sherry Tenpenny (www.drtenpenny.com) about the flu shot not working.

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