The 2014-2015 flu season has been taking its toll on Montana, as well as the rest of the country.

Communications Director for the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, Jon Ebelt, said new numbers were released for Montana on Friday.

"The updated numbers from today are at 395 hospitalizations and a total of ten deaths," Ebelt said. "The deaths are primarily from individuals over 65 years of age, so it's having more of an impact on the elderly."

Ebelt said all parts of Montana have been affected equally by the flu, and that the flu vaccine is still the best way to stave off the virus.

"This year, the dominant strain is H3N2, and even though the current flu virus has not shown itself to be as effective against this strain as in recent years, as the flu season wears on, other strains will emerge, and the vaccine will be more effective against those strains," Ebelt said.

Missoula Public Health officials have told KGVO news in the past few weeks that there have been no flu deaths reported in Missoula County.


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