On Air show from July 20, 2013.

Coming up this Saturday morning on "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" I will interview Dr. Tony Stephan, who has worked diligently for 15 years developing a supplement for mental and emotional disorders.

His product, Q-96, has been clinically studied, and used successfully in disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar disorder, fatigue, Attention Deficit and ADHD, while boosting mood stability, mental clarity and overall brain health.

Tony Stephan will captivate you with his science, enthusiasm and common sense …this Saturday morning from 8-11!

Segment 1
Jacobus welcomes Tony Stephan. Tony's family was strongly affected by Bipolar Disorder, leading him to develop a mood-stabilizing vitamin and mineral supplement called Q96. For more information visit brainhealth.me or qsciences.com.

Segment 2
Tony Stephan tells Jacobus more about his family's tragic story and how it led him to develop the Q96 formula. For more information visit brainhealth.me or qsciences.com.

Segment 3
Tony talks about the wide variety of scientific research that has been conducted on his health formula, including a study by the British Medical Journal. For more information visit brainhealth.me or qsciences.com.

Segment 4
Caller Clint weighs in on the consequences of low mineral levels in soil and water and their negative effect on brain health. For more information visit brainhealth.me or qsciences.com.

Segment 5
Jacobus welcomes Tony's daughter Autumn Stringam. Autumn tells the story of her mother's struggle with bipolar disorder as well as her own eventual diagnosis. For more information visit brainhealth.me or qsciences.com.

Segment 6
Autumn discusses her own successful use of the Q96 supplement as well as her book, "A Promise of Hope." For more information visit brainhealth.me or qsciences.com.

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