On Air show from January 19, 2013.

Our topic on “Gesundheit! With Jacobus” is pure essential oils, the blood of plants.

In order to learn more about both the process and the healing applications, I will interview Alexandria Brighton, one of the all-time experts and educators on the proper distillation and skillful formulation of this ancient healing technique.

Besides talking to Alexandria, Andrea Brothers will tell us about an upcoming essential oil seminar on February 2nd.

Alexandria Brighton and Andrea both have great practical stories for us. Listen below to learn more.

Segment 1
Jacobus introduces the show and his guests. They talk about the cold and flu, including how to prevent it with an essential oil blend.

Segment 2
The guests talk about another particular blend of essential oil. Callers weigh in about using various essential oils.

Segment 3
Alexandria talks about the benefits of lemon oil. A caller asks about using lemon after chemotherapy. The guests also talk about two more blends for the cold and flu.

Segment 4
Jacobus reintroduces all the guests, who then talk about join and muscle pain and also the "Whole Body Collection," and how to use it.

Segment 5
Alexandria talks more about pain oils. Jacobus and the guests also discuss digestive issues and oils to use for those ailments.

Segment 6
The guests talk about sleep issues and appropriate blends of essential oils to use, including "Still" and "Calm."

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