Here are six new movies playing this week in Bozeman


This is a sequel. The first Kingsman was a fun exciting movie about spies and MI6. In the vein of James Bond the “Kingsman” are a group secret agents that help keep world peace. This sequel is okay but doesn't live up to the first.


Based on a true story, Tom Cruse plays a young pilot who gets employed by the CIA to help drug cartels move coke into America. The money made by this is used by the US government to pay for a secret war. Critics are loving it.


The original Flatliners was made in 1990. This is a remake. Group of young people want to find out what happens when you die. They kill themselves and after a few minutes, after they “Flatline”, are brough back to life and tell about what death was like. Except by doing this they accidentally bring something with them when they return to earth.


A really good film, I reviewed it in last weeks blogs. A young guy becomes an assassin working for the US government to avenge the death of the love of his life. Terrorists beware! America is after you.


I wanted to see this film when I heard some people saying how shocking and great this film is. I missed it opening weekend…Thank God! Most critics are saying this is a horrible film. One said it was the worst film of the century. Still I was going to see it until I heard about a scene where a baby is killed, cooked and eaten. Wait for it on cable.

IT (2017)

Based on a Steven King novel about a creature who kills children and is seen by them as a clown. "It" was made into a television mini series about 15 years ago. The mini series, starred a good friend of mine Jonathan Brandis who was a great actor, so I pretended to like it. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. But the truth can be told now. It isn't one of Kings best books and in the conclusion when you find out what “It” is.. They are not looking at an evil clown but a big evil spider...Yawn.


Bad February Movies
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