The Montana Dakota Utilities (MDU) filed with the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) Monday a request for a $2.8 million rate increase for its Montana natural gas customers.

They say the bill impact for the average natural gas customer would be approximately $2.50 per month. They serve over 80,000 natural gas customers in in Montana.

The PSC has 9 months to review the request.

“An increase in utility bills is a challenge for anyone to absorb, especially those living on limited or fixed incomes, said Commissioner Tony O’Donnell, R-Billings. “Over the next 9 months the Commission will intensely scrutinize this application to ensure every penny of this increase, if any, is justified.”

The Commission will also evaluate a proposal by MDU to establish a rate rider on customers’ bills to recover the costs associated with the company’s pipeline replacement program. That is not included in rates customers pay..

Vice-Chairman Travis Kavulla, R-Great Falls, said, “I look forward to giving this rate case the serious attention which it deserves.”


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