Montana may be losing it's area code. As places grow so do phone numbers and soon the area code is filled up. The answer, change the area code from "406"  to something else and doubling the amount of phone numbers available to users.
The explosion of cellphone subscriptions will eventually force the Montana to adopt an additional three-digit area code. Right now there are 1 million cell phone subscribers compared to just 400,000 landline customers.

“The 406 area code is a unique part of our heritage in Montana,” said Bob Lake, R-Hamilton. “It’s become such an integral part of our state’s identity that some businesses have built their entire brand around the novelty of our single area code.”

What many Montana’s don't know is the lone "406" area code, is at risk of exhaustion. Just four years ago, the state’s "406" area code was expected to exhaust by 2019.

Today, because of actions taken by the Montana Public Service Commissions hard work the FCC predicts that "406" could remain Montana’s exclusive area code into 2031.


Sam Greenwood, Getty Images


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