Are electric fences effective keeping grizzly bears from killing livestock? It seems like a good idea, if I were a 800 pound bear and I tried to get through an electrified fence, it would stop me. But I am not a grizzly bear. So before spending a lot of money on an electrified fence we want to make sure it works.

A University of Montana graduate student is partnering with some Indian tribes to make sure they are effective. If it works and if the cost of electric fences are reasonable this might be the perfect way to protect poultry and livestock from grizzly attacks. As a human, once I touched the fence and got shocked I would stay away from it. Is a bear smart enough to remember the shock and not try again. But maybe the bear won't be able to figure that out or will it keep trying to push through.

The Missoulian is reporting that the study will explore if grizzlies will change the way they move through the populated Mission and Flathead Valleys.



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