For too long, Montana has not had a quick and efficient database at the fingertips of the public to spread information about missing persons. Now we do and it's super easy to use.

The Montana Missing Persons Database has been completely re-launched and you'll find it's homepage here.

As of today (October 27th, 2021) there are a total of 271 missing persons in the state of Montana. Historically, most people who are reported missing are under the age of 18. Of the current 271 missing persons in Montana: 56 are indigenous persons and 81 of the total are children.

According to Montana statistics: Native Americans are 4 times more likely to go missing in the state of Montana.

How do you report a missing indigenous person? Use the Reporting Portal Here.

  • You can search "All Montana Missing Persons"
  • You can search "Missing Indigenous Persons"
  • You can search "Missing Children"

According to a press release from the MT AG office today: "During the 2021 legislative session, the Department of Justice supported the passage of House Bill 35, which established the Missing Indigenous Persons Review Commission, and House Bill 98, which extended the Montana Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force. In February, Attorney General Knudsen announced a new public-private partnership called the Sentinel Project to fight human trafficking in the state."

How to search the new database? It's incredibly easy. You can search by name, gender, age range, race, investigating agency city, investigating agency county, the specific investigating agency, date missing time period range, and if the person has been missing longer than one year.

Something that is also very helpful with this database is when you are searching, you'll be given the "date of last contact" with your search results.

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