With growth in the Bozeman area, and increase in crime follows, right? It's typically how it goes when towns 'boom', the growing pains of theft, vandalism, drugs, and other illegal activity are suddenly front and center.

It comes as no surprise that locals have strong thoughts on increased crime in the Bozeman area. When the question is posed in an online group, expect people to get real honest, real quick. Thankfully, the Gallatin Valley isn't dealing with a huge amount of violent crime, but it IS dealing with a ton of smaller crimes.

The question was asked: "I feel like crime has exponentially increased in Bozeman/Belgrade over the last year. Break-ins, car thefts, stalking, assaults of minors, destroying and trespassing on private property, and hit-and-runs. Why am I just now hearing about all of this?"

NOTE: These are direct quotes and there might be a few spelling and grammatical errors. We didn't want to alter responses at all so they were copied and pasted exactly as they were originally typed.

  • "there are a multitude of reasons why: an unstoppable opioid epidemic, mental health crises with no support, record high unaffordability both nationally and hyper locally. couple all of that with the grow in popularity of the state and representatives that don’t care about our plight, nothing is going to get better."
  • "I’m from here and lived in 6 cities and being in Gallatin County is the first time I’ve had a break in. Some Montana towns have had a major cultural shift, too quickly and not within the same vein of lifestyle. I know crime is low here, but it was lower just a few years ago."
  • "It’s not the Bozeman it was even 5 years ago. I now carry a gun at all times after a near abduction incident last summer near Home Depot."
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  • "I've asked this question to both the police and sheriff's departments during their public safety academies. Their response was that, #1 Our population is growing (+3,000 people/yr) so there are more crimes with more people. #2 On a per capita basis, we don't have any more crime than other cities of similar size."
  • "I can’t pinpoint the source of that feeling for me, but the homeless encampments around town certainly make already weak existing infrastructure and lax city management more apparent and in your face."
  • "The current Mayor is more concerned about charging and fining residents who want to set off fireworks on the 4th than addressing this very real threat to our society."
  • "This is so true and there is a direct correlation between the homeless encampments and crime. Ask anyone who works at the magic diamonds casino and liquor store by the homeless encampment by target."
Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash
Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash
  • "It isn't just the Urban Campers. I have six condos of illegals living next door. The faces and people in them is a revolving door. They are all " workforce " people. The owners and Property Managers are useless and lazy."
  • "Unfortunately it's everywhere not just Bozeman. We can't afford rent, food, healthcare, or any basic survival needs anymore in this economy so people are hostile and desperate."
  • "Priorities of the elected officials is completely off target. They all spend far too much time on their wants than this community's needs."
  • "In and around Belgrade there has been months and months of vehicle break-ins and theft from unlocked vehicles, and the county is absolutely uninterested in pursuing even when the stolen cards are used within an hour of the break-in."

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