Missoula's blinding fog was so bad this morning, November 21, that it didn't just impact drivers, according to Missoula International Airport Deputy Director Brian Ellestad some pilots had to re-route.

"Unfortunately the fog has moved into the area and it is actually affecting airplane operations today so we've had a few airplanes divert to other cites and are awaiting the fog to lift, we expect it to clear up a bit around 11:00 a.m." Ellestad said.

Ellestad says there are worries that the fog could continue as we inch closer to Thanksgiving, and gives advice on how families can keep track of incoming flights.

"The more moisture we get into the area, definable the fog could continue... it's just a matter of staying close to your airlines and watching the visibility, for sure, follow it on Delta, United, or whatever airline your traveling, they have a flight status page that you can go into and type in your flight number,  or go to our website: flymissoula.com, we've got a live link of all the airlines arriving and departing Missoula," Ellestad said.

Because of the way Missoula's inversions work, morning flights are more likely to be affected.

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