Tom and Shane give their thoughts and perspectives on the week of 11/12 to 11/18. (Listen to the full half hour below)

Lots of red in the international markets while the US was sluggish but stable during the week.

Tom and Shane review the international markets and what’s happening in Venezuela, Spain, Europe and Asia.

A listener wanted to know about oil prices and asked if we do more drilling here will the price go down?

Commodities – Gold, silver, oil, wheat, and other crops going up in price just not high enough or fast enough.

The house passed a tax bill that will now go to the senate but probably not until after the Congressional Thanksgiving recess. The repeal of the healthcare mandate has been added to sweeten the deal.

Will that be enough to make tax reform happen?

All this and more in this week’s wrap up with Tom and Shane. Check out the full discussion below.

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