Museum of the Rockies wants you to experience two new changing exhibitions “Memories on Glass” and “Roots of Wisdom”. The exhibits are going on right now.

“Memories on Glass”
David F. Barry photographed Native American men and women, frontier scouts, soldiers, trappers, missionaries and other pioneers, recording the panorama of people who populated the northern plains in the late 19th century. This exhibition examines his career from a photographer’s assistant to a professional image-maker in his own right.


"Roots of Wisdom"

This exhibit invites guests to understand the important issues that indigenous cultures face, discover innovative ways native peoples are problem-solving and contributing to the growing movement towards reclamation of age-old practices.

Visitors are invited to explore the unique relationship between Western science and native ecological knowledge. From everyday items like duck decoys to surfboards, popcorn to chocolate, guests will learn how  native knowledge impacts our daily lives,

Experience “Memories on Glass” and “ Roots of Wisdom” Right now at MUSEUM OF THE ROCKIES


University of North Dakota


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