Three time Mayor of Bozeman and current City Commissioner Jeff Krauss joins Tom and Shane to talk about Bozeman issues and the year in review.

The Black Olive Project and the change in city manager were at the top of the chart for big stories of the year. It is interesting that no one locally applied for the City Manager Position.

Do you suppose they saw how the City Commission works internally? Future water needs of Bozeman were also a hot topic.

Bozeman’s Future Water Challenges

Bozeman will be having water shortages in the city unless the commission addresses the growth of the city and water needs of the future.

Currently 60 percent of Bozeman’s power comes from hydropower. City Drought Emergency Plan appears to be too little too late.

We seem to be hung up on what to do when there’s no water instead of how to source more water. Will Bozeman be devoid of plant life because there won’t be enough water to support plant life?

Will we have water restrictions in the future? No car washing or lawn watering on certain days of the week? Shane talks about the same water problems in Canada too.

Environmentalists oppose water storage and dams in our state that could add to future water shortages. Also a conversation about the intersection of 7th and Griffin challenges and Meadowbrook School sidewalks.

Listen to this informative interview.

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