I love doing the morning show Dominick In The Morning. Bozeman is a great place to live and put down roots. Today when I checked the emails, I was so upset and hurt. This is what I love and hate about being a talk host...

Dear AM 1450

After a few months of listening to your morning show host I am compelled to opine on how badly you have missed the mark. Dominic(sp?)has shown no capacity for getting up to speed on local issues. He touts his ignorance as his "brand" which is inconceivable in this market. Every day we are bombarded with the 12-24 hour news cycle. We simply don't need a washed up shock jock from a multitude of markets trying to "Go National" here in Bozeman. What we want and need is a host who is informed and passionate about our local and state issues. Unquestionably your numbers have to be showing you this was a bad decision. Color me gone until there is a change.




Don't worry about the negative feedback some jerks send you. You are doing a great job. You will never please every one. There are a lot of small minded people here that grew up with the sheep. I have listened to this station for 25 years and you are the best and most alive and entertaining host we have had. You are an American and love America and that makes you a local in my book. Thanks Dominick,



I guess I can't make everybody happy, but at least I can make some people happy. I really want to know your feedback, good and bad. I want to bring all of us together - liberals, conservatives, white, black, Christian, Jew, male, female, old and young. I want the morning show to be a safe place were we can talk together and maybe find out the latest news in Montana and even laugh a little.

Feedback is very important. The show is called Dominick In The Morning but really think about it as "Friends Chatting In The Morning."

You can call the show live: (406) 522 - TALK (8255). Text the show live: (406) 266 - 7617. Email the show: Dominick@KMMSAM.com. Or, got a stamp? Dominick In The Morning c/o KMMS AM 1450, 125 West Mendenhall St., Bozeman Montana 59715.

We look forward to your comments about our programs, even topic and guest ideas.




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