I’ve only had a smart phone for a few years, but I seem to find a lot of apps to add.

Some are very helpful, some are confusing, and others were loaded because they seemed like a great idea, but now I have no idea what they do. Ironically I’m afraid to delete them in the event I remember what they do.

My favorite is an app that turns all the apps I have open off. Saves battery. I can check stocks, read email, keep up with Facebook, and get the latest news.

I can do almost everything except answer a call. When I pull it out of my pocket it seems to hang up on whoever is calling me. A little counterproductive for a phone I’d say.

Anyway, I was thinking there are some apps that are sadly missing (or maybe I don’t know how to access them).

There are also some things that someone needs to take the time to invent.

Here are a few suggestions of apps and inventions that someone should get busy doing — and soon.

Much Needed Apps and Inventions

  • Ever realize there’s no toilet paper in the stall in some commercial buildings? Airports are the worst. We need an app sensor on the roll that alerts the custodian to get there on the double to remedy that little situation.
  • There are all kinds of creeps on social media. There should be some kind of firewall for kid’s pictures on the net. Some kind of password or keyword for friends and family only.
  • People are rude and cruel on the net. How about an app where all harassing messages or comments would be sent to all their friends and family so they can see what a lowlife you are?
  • I have a rare blood type. There should to be an app where I can register and get an alert when my type is needed.
  • I love old classic cars. Mustangs, Chargers etc. Uber, Lyft, should have an app where I can be picked up in a Detroit Hemi muscle machine.
  • For those who are wardrobe challenged there needs to be an app that knows all my clothes and can pick the best combo outfit for that particular day.
  • Looking at all the hot babes in Walmart with tattoos. Trying to imagine them at age 60. Someone needs to invent tattoos that fade over time so they’re gone by the time your kids are old enough to get one.
  • With all the heat we’ve had lately we really need a few iced coffee trucks.
  • How about an app that scans fur so you can tell if it’s real?
  • We have car pool lanes, bike lanes, left turn lanes, — it’s time we had a fast walking lane.
  • All clothing should have QR codes on the label so you could reorder them as needed.

Some Final Thoughts

How often have we all said, “I wish I’d thought of that?” Well if you have thought of it maybe now is the time to sit down and design it or make a prototype and cash out.

What are some of your ideas that are missing in society?

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