A man was arrested in a traffic stop near Bozeman yesterday. According to the Bozeman Chronicle, over a pound of meth was found in his car.

The drug problem in Montana, in Bozeman, is growing. Why are things getting worse? We have declared a “War On Drugs.” Nancy Reagan told us “Just Say No.” Millions of dollars spent and it seems we are losing the war.

Today on Dominick In The Morning, we talked about the drug war and I asked my listeners how we can win the war. I wanted hear from normal people who live in Montana. Maybe there was a commonsense solution out there that all the experts didn't see.

“Hang them! As soon as you catch them selling drugs, kill them,” one caller suggested; “Have a public hanging."

“Pot isn't a gateway drug, alcohol is. The problem is alcohol,” another caller pointed out.

I asked if drug education is the answer.

“People who do drugs are just not smart,” a third listener pointed out.

One caller said, “There is too much money to stop it. I think the cops are behind it. What do they do with the drugs when they arrest someone? What do they do with it? They sell it.” That's what he really believed.

It seems lots of different people have lots of different ideas how to win the war on drugs. But the truth is there is no easy answer. The reason there are so many strange answers is because some people can't face the answer. It seems to me, the “war” is not really a war we fight. It is a private battle that every person must face and fight on their own.


Photo Courtesy of Sheriff Bell
Photo Courtesy of Sheriff Bell

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